What is Pull Request Club?

You can sign up to PullRequest.Club (PRC) to receive random GitHub repos as your assignment each month. Your goal would be to fix something, and submit a pull request, hence the name.

You can also sign up your own GitHub repositories to PullRequest.Club, so that we assign your repositories to people who want something to work on.


Pull Request Club is built to be a successor of The CPAN Pull Request Challenge. We are extremely grateful to Neil Bowers, who run CPAN-PRC for 4 years (January 2015 to December 2018).


We give out assignments on 1st day of each month. In order to be eligible for an assignment, you must satisfy all conditions below.

Once you receive your monthly assignment on 1st day of month, you have following options:

To receive assignees to your repositories, you must satisfy all conditions below.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee all repositories you have selected will receive assignees each month. We also cannot guarantee that an assignee will actually submit a pull request.


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at kyzn@cpan.org. Please note that by contacting us you agree to our privacy policy and agree to receive a response from us with regards to your question.